About GAIA

GAIA is the leading global fashion, beauty and lifestyle market place for ethical and sustainable products.

We connect you with the world’s most credible and innovative sustainable brands while offering you a platform to shop more responsibly.

Through our edits, news and expert guest writers, we share our knowledge so you can discover more, make informed decisions and consciously create change.

Our Mission

Earth as a goddess

The aim of GAIA is to help protect our precious planet through the choices we make, so it’s important that our name deeply connects with this.

In Greek Mythology, GAIA is the personification of earth as a goddess. She is life. She is the very soul of the earth. By taking on her name, we take on her purpose; to offer life and nourishment to planet we inhabit.

An aim shared by many, GAIA believes that by shopping thoughtfully and sustainably we can all help spark change and make a significant difference to our world. 

We champion sustainability

The more sustainably we shop, the better we protect our planet.

It’s this simple thought-process that fuels GAIA’s fire and is the driving force behind sourcing and sharing the most forward-thinking and sustainable brands that are responsibly creating products that won’t harm our planet.

If it’s not sustainable, you won’t find it on GAIA.

Our Principles

To ensure that all the brands and products we share with you are sustainable, ethical and above all, kind to our planet.

All GAIA partners must comply with our 4 principles:



We base these principles on internationally recognised standards by trusted organisations such as, Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI) Base Code, International Labour Organisation (ILO) conventions and the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights.

For more information on this, please head to detailed GAIA’s Principles which are also our terms & conditions.  

Our Commitments

GAIA only works with fully-sustainable brands that goddess GAIA would approve of. 

To promote conscious shopping, and inspire and inform our community on ethical and sustainable fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands.


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