Nine reasons why Neal’s Yard is leading the way in sustainable beauty & skincare

Established in 1981 in a small corner of Covent Garden, Neal’s Yard have had sustainability at the core of their brand values from the very beginning. As producers of alternative therapies, skincare and beauty Neal’s Yard use natural, organic and ethically sourced ingredients and are passionate about helping people to live heathier lives whilst also protecting the planet.

They are undoubtedly pioneers within the sustainable beauty world – here’s 9 reasons why:

1 – Carbon Neutral

In 2008, Neal’s Yard were the first UK high street retailer to be certified as Carbon Neutral meaning they have offset all their greenhouse gas emissions for the past 13 years.

2 – Renewable Energy

700m2 of solar panels have been installed in their eco-factory in Dorset which generates more than 5% of their own electricity. This is topped up by a 100% renewable tariff and they also use 100% renewable gas and electricity suppliers for their stores.

3 – Natural and Organic Ingredients

92% of their ingredients are certified as organic meaning that they don’t contain any harmful pesticides and are kinder to you and the earth. Neal’s Yard are also committed to using no genetically modified ingredients.

4 – Never Tested On Animals 

All of their products are approved by Leaping Bunny, an internationally recognised body which requires cruelty free standards over and above legal requirements.

5 – Certified Organic Products  

Neil’s Yard have been working with the Soil Association since 1991 to guarantee that all of their product contains the highest level of certified organic ingredients.

6 – Supports the Bees  

The Bee Lovely campaign has raised over £165,000 for bee friendly causes since 2011. This is in response to the fact that over half of UK bee species have declined in the past 50 years. Neal’s Yard support bee-friendly organisations through the sales of their Bee Lovely range.

7 – Moving Towards a ‘Circular Economy’

In 2017 Neal’s Yard became the first national company to commit to a Refill Scheme and actively encourage customers to come in and refill water flasks, to reduce the use of single-use plastic bottles. All of their iconic blue bottles up to 200ml are 100% recycled plastic and by they are committed to using 100% recycled plastic bottles by 2025.

8 – Microbead Free

The brand successfully lobbied the UK government alongside Greenpeace and Fauna & Flora to #BanTheBead. They continue to campaign around the world with international partners and are proud to have never used microbeads in any of their scrubs or polishes.

9 – Recycle Water

Neil’s Yard have a water recycling system in their eco- factory which recycles up to one million litres of water every year. This accounts for around 20% of their water use.

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Kim Matrljan

Kim Matrljan

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