Brand Spotlight: Rave Review

In 2017, after realising their shared belief in sustainable fashion, Stockholm’s Josephine Bergqvist and Livia Schück founded their fashion line Rave Review. The goal of the designers was to create a fashion brand that would not exist at the expense of the environment and instead would be sustainable and eco-friendly. Defying the commonly shared belief that fashion couldn’t be sustainable, the pair started to create pieces entirely made from second-hand clothes and textiles.

When the designer duo first started, they sourced fabric from all kinds of places – from vintage blankets and shop curtains to on-line second shops. 5 years later they work with three different fabric collecting companies in Sweden to help source their fabrics. At the beginning of the process, the brand gives the collection companies very specific details on the materials they are looking for and just like with any other fashion company – Shück and Bergqvist come up with the design and send to their Swedish factory to be made.

Rave Review aren’t stopping there – they are continuing the quest to be even more sustainable with one hope being that they will incorporate a rental service into their offering.

In the meantime next time you look for a new addition for your wardrobe, buying a Rave Review dress made from a tablecloth or a coat recreated from scarves is a good start in taking care of the planet.

Discover the latest collection form Race Review here.

About the Author

Kim Matrljan

Kim Matrljan

Founder of GAIA. After working in digital marketing for brands like Vivienne Westwood, Selfridges, COS and Rolex, I realised the fashion industry needed change and I wanted to be part of it.



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