Brand spotlight: SKIN

“These are the pieces that take women from day to night and night to day again. Timeless and enduring, just like a second skin.”

Founded in 2004 by designer Susan Beischel, SKIN creates luxury lingerie, nightwear, swimwear and clothing that are made to feel like a second skin.

The vision was to create versatile pieces, offering women more flexibility within the wardrobe – blurring the lines between casual and formal, day and night. Skin creates pieces that are “comfortable enough to wear under clothes, beautiful enough to wear as clothes”.

Sustainability has also been at the core the of the brands values from the offset and after launching with products made from Organic Cotton, Skin soon expanded in to other natural-based fabrics including washable silk, alpaca and cashmere.

Wearing clothes that are made from natural fibres are more soothing and kind to our skin in comparison to traditionally made fabrics. Natural fibres are made from raw products which are free from pesticides and chemicals and are known to harm and irritate the skin. What’s kind to our skin is inevitably kind for the planet!

Discover the full collection from Skin here.  

About the Author

Kim Matrljan

Kim Matrljan

Founder of GAIA. After working in digital marketing for brands like Vivienne Westwood, Selfridges, COS and Rolex, I realised the fashion industry needed change and I wanted to be part of it.



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