LOEWE’s sustainable bucket bag

LOEWE first pledged their commitment to more sustainable and ethical manufacturing methods with the launch of their Eye/LOEWE/Nature Meswear collection back in 2019. Inspired by the outdoors, the collection was created from blend of organic and recycled cotton, with a portion of the proceeds generated from the sales of the collection donated to fighting plastic pollution.

The brand has since continued their quest and have brought the house one step closer to becoming a more sustainable brand through the launch of “The Surplus Project”. The premise behind the project is to craft beautiful accessories using unusual surplus leather from previous LOEWE collections and in doing so, preserving precious resources.

The silhouettes of choice for the collection is the iconic basket bag, which first made an appearance as part of Jonathon Anderson’s first collection back in Spring-Summer 2015. The bag is created from two of LOEWE’s leathers – a smooth, classic calfskin, and a finely textured, soft grained calfskin. The leathers are cut in to narrow strips and woven in to a lattice formation, creating a mosaic of colour and texture.

Browse our full collection of sustainable bags here.

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Kim Matrljan

Kim Matrljan

Founder of GAIA. After working in digital marketing for brands like Vivienne Westwood, Selfridges, COS and Rolex, I realised the fashion industry needed change and I wanted to be part of it.



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