Shopping sustainably never looked so easy

As far as years go, 2020 was a toughie wasn’t it? As well as a global pandemic to contend with, humming away in the background was a climate emergency that grew louder by the minute.

Almost a day didn’t go past whereby your IG feed wasn’t flooded with images of burning rainforests, emaciated polar bears and fire crews rescuing kangaroos. It seemed the penny (for most of us) had finally dropped.

Covering your ears and la la la-ing was no longer an acceptable response and it became clear that the only way to calm eco-anxiety was to make small but impactful changes that start at home.

And yet with the exception of Rubik’s cubes and tax returns, there are few things trickier to wrap your head around than shopping sustainably. When it comes to fashion and beauty, it used to be that quick delivery and competitive prices were non-negotiables but in a bid to be paragons of green living, factors such as plastic-free packaging, ethically grown cotton and carbon-neutral manufacturing are now paramount.

In fact, the British Beauty Council’s 2020 sustainability survey found that that around two thirds of consumers want brands to do more to help improve the planet.

As for consumers doing their part: of those who changed beauty products between April and July 2020, one in seven did so because they wanted to use a more environmentally friendly product or brand.  But how can you spot the true workhorses from the show ponies? Well, this is what GAIA comes in. It’s a platform that isn’t just about being in tune with the zeitgeist, it’s a space that demystifies what it truly takes to shop sustainably.

By purchasing from the brands GAIA partners with, you needn’t worry about worker exploitation, animal cruelty, or dwindling rainforests.

And the really good news? So many brands have upped their game, meaning you’re never short of options.  From the SPF brands who’ve shunned chemicals that harm coral reefs, the make-up brands who only source legally mined mica (it’s what gives your highlighter its iridescent sheen), and the skincare brands who opt for fair trade policies for farmers.  Where fashion is concerned is, brands are opting for vegan leather, re-purposing deadstock fabrics into other garments as well as committing to ethical safe working conditions as well as fair wages. 

Ultimately the climate emergency can’t be solved by sustainable shopping alone but using platforms such as GAIA can help make all the difference to the future of the planet, and that’s a really great start.

About the Author

Perdita Nouril, Beauty and Health Editor

Perdita Nouril, Beauty and Health Editor

Beauty & Health Editor based in London and she is currently the Beauty Editor at Women’s Health magazine. Her work has been featured in the UK’s leading national newspapers, magazines and digital platforms including The Telegraph, Sunday Times Style, Harper’s Bazaar, Refinery29, Psychologies, Grazia, Stylist and Cosmpolitan.



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